SAKE LIFE SUPPORT TOMU is an organization aimed at providing the customers, through a network of sake stores, with products reflecting their demands and deemed to be useful for improving their everyday drinking life.


Its headquarters, the Kabushikigaisha Tomu”(Tomu joint-stock company), were built through a joint investment from fifteen sake stores.

TOMU`s vision and thought

After WWII Japanese lifestyle has changed greatly, because of the different economic situation and of the exposure to Western culture. Moreover, there is a recent trend towards healthy, safe and genuine goods. Given this situation and these new needs, we asked ourselves which products would surely make our customers happy and resolved to set our objective in enhancing sociality and human communication by suggesting and providing high quality alcohol products, capable of moistening people`s hearts. We are active to create a new drinking life support business to transcend the mere sales business-like approach which is still characterizing our sector.

 At the same time we are also collaborating with sake makers in order to create and develop products that are, as much as possible, gentle to the human body and really delicious to drink.


The path to follow: how to change a system led by the makers to a system actually led by the customers Although Japanese sake was originally conceived as a high-quality drink to smooth

people`s heart, amid the disorder following the Second World War the focus shifted, with some exceptions, to mass production, which by its nature ignores sake`s peculiarities and its deeper value.

 Nevertheless, in our opinion, during recent years a new trend towards genuine and healthy things has developed, with customers increasing their knowledge and their level of product awareness.

 In this scenery, we are trying hard to invert the approach based on a one-sided imposition of products and information coming from the makers to a new system, where we stand as an intermediary between the customer and the producer, by building the concrete drinking contexts together with the former and providing the latter with advices and proposals to develop new products capable of satisfying new needs.

 This is what Sake Life Support Tomu, our group of sake stores, intends to realize through its activities.